Nowdays, data is king, your business’s blood and your gold mine accumulated for years

keep your data secured in one place and in real time with Vsec


You do not know if there are any information security risks in your system. You have to find out.


Do you know for sure that your systems are secure enough? All the potential threats need to be assessed.


Any small error may cause great impact. You have to monitor your system’s daily operations

VSEC adds value by empowering IT and security professionals to progress and protect their organizations, with advanced analytics and deep understanding of the attacker mindset. We help you collect data, transform them it into prioritized and actionable insight, and get it to the people who can act on it.

VSEC knows your pain and is here to help…

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Network assessment

User security assessment

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What our clients say

Easy to use

VSEC’s 1Scan is a powerful tool that we have ever used.

Great Support

VSEC is a great team with super support.

Value for Money

We were able to reduce our vulnerability count by two-third withing a year.

Happy Customer

I am happy with the deliverables of VSEC. Their solutions really help solve our problems.

Reliable services

VSEC’s services are reliable and useful. They help create actionable insight for us.

Real safety

I am more confident in protecting our data with the help of VSEC.

Good experience

We enjoyed the products and services of VSEC. Now we have got used to receiving their reports every month!


I am satisfied with their solutions. Helpful and affordable.

Continue to use

I think I will continue to use VSEC’s products. Why not?

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