Information Security Training

With a 20-year track record in the Information Security field, our experienced team-experts have been providing Information Security Training, Drill, and Consultancy services to businesses of various sectors and scales across the country.

Enhancing awareness and security skills for businesses is a crucial part of the journey towards building a secure cyberspace for society from within.

Employees remain the weakest factor in the cybersecurity of businesses. Despite all the security tools provided, just one unaware employee clicking on a wrong link, the door to security breaches can be opened.


30% of employees admit to sharing login details and passwords of their PCs.


The average financial impact of data breaches caused by employees due to using inappropriate IT resources is $1,195K for businesses.


Over 50% of businesses consider employees as the biggest threat to the cybersecurity of them.


52% of businesses have experienced cybersecurity incidents due to employees using inappropriate IT resources.v


33% of businesses have plans to invest more in security education and training for employees to avoid security incidents.


80% of the breaches are due to the carelessness and negligence of employees.

Our Services

Businesses of any sizes and each individual can become victims of a cyber attack. Being equipped with knowledge and skills in information security is a mandatory requirement for every citizen of the digital age.

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Information Security Drill

  • Realistic Drill
  • Scenario-based Drill

Information Security Consultancy

  • Consulting on certifications and international standards
  • Consulting and responding to incidents of Information Security 
  • Consulting with experts

Information Security Training

  • Secure Programming Training
  • Information Security Awareness Training
  • Information Security Process Training
  • Information Security Testing Training

EVN Drill Link on Youtube

NHNN Drill Link on Youtube

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SAFESAI is a comprehensive solution for searching, detecting, and coordinating the remediation of security vulnerabilities, thereby helping businesses to fix weaknesses and avoid unnecessary cybersecurity risks.

Deep penetration testing

It is a method of security assessment conducted by an authorized and organized team to simulate a potential adversary attack or exploitability against an enterprise information security system.

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