Warning Zone

Help people and organizations send information and warning about cybersecurity and safety issues in Vietnam’s cyberspace

Góc Cảnh báo

Trợ giúp người dân, tổ chức gửi thông tin, cảnh báo về các vấn đề an toàn, an ninh mạng trên không gian mạng Việt Nam

Select types of warnings

When you encounter network attacks such as: Denial of Service (DOS – DDOS), Malware attack, Man-in-the-middle attack, Attack database (SQL injection), Zero-day exploit (Zero day attack)…

When you find a security hole on any .vn website, contact the owner and get no response. Please send an alert here for VSEC to analyze and handle.

When you detect fraudulent, fake, fake news pages, please send information to VSEC for analysis and processing.

If your needs are not in the above, please send us information through this section