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Preventing information security threats across all devices, applications, industries and domains is how we strive to create a safer cyberspace for businesses and people’s data.

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Accompanying and supporting in securing data for thousands of businesses and organizations, both domestically and internationally, helping us to take precise and accurate actions.

Prompt and Sensible Respond

Prompt and Sensible response against all situations and security requirements with a team of 100% experts who have international certificates. Saving cost and time to make effective decisions for businesses.

Comply with security requirements

Comply with security requirements. VSEC is the first MSSP organization in Vietnam recognized by CREST for meeting international security standards for Penetration Testing and Security Operation Center services. .
Enabling businesses to anticipate the insecurity in order to minimize risks, and effectively respond to any contingencies.
VSEC has collaborated with more than 500+ clients

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Simulate an attack to assess the security of IT systems
Thinking and acting like a cybercriminal
24/7 information security operation and monitoring center

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IBM Announces a New Strategic Security Partner at “IBM Security QRadar Suite” Event

Hanoi, August 25, 2023 – IBM, the world’s leading technology corporation, has officially announced a new strategic partner in the field of security at the highly anticipated event “IBM Security QRadar Suite – Predict, prevent and respond to Information and Communications Security threats” which took place in Vietnam today. The important event “IBM Security QRadar…

Why you should hire a CREST Penetration Testing Provider?

Cyber threats evolve at a rapid pace, and one of the most effective ways to assess and improve the security posture and resilience of a company’s systems against such threats is penetration testing. By performing controlled and simulated cyber attacks against an organization, pentesting aims to identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious hackers.…

VSEC officially launched Deep Penetration Testing Service

On April 18, Vietnam Cyber Security Joint Stock Company VSEC launched the Red Team Deep Penetration Testing service – a security assessment based on performing attacks by any means to penetrate the business’s system. career as a cybercriminal. As defined by the Computer Security Resource Center, NIST: Red Team is a group authorized and organized…

Cyber security Event

Time: 10h00 | 11 July, 2023

Respond quickly and sensitively to all security situations and requests with a team of 100% experts with international security certificates.

Time: 10h30 | 29 March, 2023

The webinar promises to bring useful information and practical experience to help businesses assess the security level of information technology systems effectively and help minimize risks.