Wifi security assessment

Wifi Threats are An Additional Security Concerns

Nowadays, wifi networks are so popular as to be used by almost all businesses around the globe; yet they are also the top security concerns.

Signal spilled outside buildings

Threats operating below Layer 3

Operation in unlicensed band and open technology

Wired firewalls, IDS/IPS, and anti-virus software applications are ineffective against WiFi threats

45.7 Million payment card accounts compromised at TJX stores in USA over WiFi

Estimated liabilities more than $4.5 Billion

Severe threats: policy bypass, MIM attacks, wireless DoS attacks, etc.

Growing number of hack tools

Our Wifi Security Assessment Solution

This solution allows users to promptly and easily deploy enhanced attacks using intuitive web interface. This tool helps simplifying access and extending features. It has been used in penetration testing, law enforcement units, etc. with flexible wireless basis for almost all deployment scenarios.

The result will be a unique compact test set

Two strong waves using AR9331 and RTL8187

Memory can be expanded by Micro SD to swap & store in FAT/EXT formatted memory

Automatic attack switch mode provides options for automatic work without logging in

Simple Web interface allows anyone to easily deploy testing

Tools serve checking security test: guess wi-fi password, fake websites, etc.

Power 5V-12V. Battery runs for 24-72 hours continuously

USB support for 3G connectivity

Wifi Security Assessment Process

Our Wifi Security Assessment Process is specifically tailored to secure your data

  1. Existing security policies reviewed
  2. System architecture and configurations reviewed
  3. Operational support tools and procedures reviewed
  4. Users interviewed
  5. Configurations of wireless devices verified
  6. Physical installations of access points investigated
  7. Rogue access points identified
  8. Penetration tests performed
  9. Security gaps analyzed
  10. Improvements recommended
Download ebook: Useful Wifi Assessment Tools

This ebook gives you a good collection of free or cheap Wifi Assessment Tools essential to bring you wifi security.

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