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VSEC provides round-the-clock website and public system monitoring services covering the following:

External checks

VSEC’s external checks generate a set of metrics to see how the system performs from an end-user point of view. Public or private agents are used to approach the system to collect these metrics.

Application monitoring

For application monitoring, an agent-based approach is used to collect and store data from an application stack perspective. Data and notifications at this application level can help solve problems prior to their impact on third-party systems or end-users.

Infrastructure monitoring

Your system’s performance and availability is monitored with VSEC’s infrastructure services so as to take necessary actions to maintain high uptimes and reliability. With our infrastructure monitoring, an indispensable support is provided to various physical and virtual resources and components occupied by a working environment.

System monitoring

A system administrator is responsible for ensuring that the system does not run out of various resources like Disk Usage, Memory, CPU, etc. With this system monitoring component, these resources are monitored and the system’s performance metrics established.

Server monitoring

VSEC’s server monitoring service helps monitor a server’s system resources such as memory consumption, CPU usage, network, I/O, disk usage, processes, etc. With this service, you will understand the system’s resource usage, conduct better capacity planning and provide better end-user experience.

Network monitoring

Our network monitoring service is based on Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), monitoring network devices like routers, firewalls, printers, UPS, operating systems, web services, application servers, DNS, etc. SNMP can be deployed on the largest possible number of network devices, has minimal impact on the managed nodes, requires minimal transport, and continues operation when most other network applications fail.

Transactional monitoring

VSEC’s transactional monitoring service helps monitor, diagnose, notify and provide detailed reporting of your website’s online services. With this service, your website’s better response time and good transactional user experience are achieved.

Functional monitoring

Functional monitoring helps assess the operation or use cases of an application. With our functional monitoring service, your applications’ purpose of use is ensured, without any malfunctioning.

Database monitoring

Database monitoring is extremely important to ensure optimal operation of databases, including application availability, database performance, etc. Moreover, extensive information will be obtained so that necessary steps can be taken prior to occurrence of database outages or vital business process breakdowns.

Round-the-clock site uptime

VSEC thinks it is very important to properly conduct the operations and maintenance tasks for a site. We are strong at management of servers, operating systems, databases, networks, firewall, clusters, Java Virtual Machines (JVM), etc.

Cluster monitoring

There has been an increased need for clusters to achieve reliable and fast performance. As a result, clustering monitoring is also on demand, monitoring the status, health, consistency, etc. of various nodes of a cluster or a combination of clusters.

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Internal and External Monitoring

VSEC monitoring services operate with two types of checks

External monitoring

Remote monitoring using the global monitoring network of VSEC’ public agents. Your websites, web services, and internet-facing devices are ensured up and running smoothly.

Internal monitoring

Use of small-footprint native agents that are installable on local servers or on cloud, enabling monitoring of full IT infrastructure (system, network, and application metrics) behind firewall.

Centralized one-for-all monitoring console

Without traditional prerequisite of advanced installation, the VSEC monitoring platform is accessible anywhere and able to monitor multiple offices, data centers, or distributed apps via an intuitive web-based console.

Tailor-made configuration of alerts

Tailor-made configuration the VSEC system can be made for optimal security and protection, including incident security levels, status change rules, warning and error thresholds, component dependencies, and team members’ responsibilities.

Fast data analysis & troubleshooting

Via the platform dashboard, data can be viewed and correlated with critical metrics, along with problem overview, real-time and historical data, and SLA reporting.

Easy scale

No matter how many hosts are used - from 1 to 1000 - a one-stop view monitoring interface is provided and incorporates every single component.

Customizable monitoring dashboards

Your dashboards can be customized as you wish. You can design, create and utilize a great custom dashboard for monitoring your resources. Different dashboards can be created for different groups of resources and the process of monitoring is further simplified.

Monitoring based on Splunk

With Splunk, operational analytics and deep insight are provided into the data collected. The power of Splunk is combined with our expert monitoring solutions to provide you with visibility into all the resources aspects.


Our Website and Public System Monitoring Services bring in a great deal of benefits, including but not limited to the following:

High uptimes and reliability achieved

Business health monitored in real time

Strategic planning conveniently facilitated

Access to modern technologies

Insight obtained into your systems

Application performance management optimized


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