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Why Does Code Have Vulnerabilities?

Almost 700 different kinds of software weaknesses have been catalogued by MITRE in their CWE project. These are all different ways of mistakes that software developers can make and that lead to insecurity. Each of these weaknesses is hard to recognize and many are very tricky. Software developers lack training about these weaknesses and problems, both at school and at work.


These problems have become so important in recent years because connectivity has been increased and technologies and protocols continuously added at a shocking rate. Man’s ability to invent technology has seriously outpaced their security capability. Security issues have not been considered carefully for many of the technologies in use today.


There are many reasons why businesses are not spending enough time on security. This results from the nature of the software market. As software is like a black box, it is extremely difficult to explain to the client about the different between good code and insecure code. This lack of visibility would not motivate buyers to pay more for secure code, and vendors to spend more resources on producing secure code.
However, there are many people ignoring security code review. They said, “We never get hacked (that I know of), we don’t need security”, “We have a firewall that protects our applications”, “We trust our employees not to attack our applications”. For these people, if they do not even know what risks they are taking, they are being irresponsible both to their shareholders and their customers.

What is Source Code Review?

Source code review is the process of auditing the source code for an application to check if proper security controls are in place, if they work as intended, and if they have been invoked in all the right places. The aim of source code review is to ensure “self-defense” of the application in its given environment.


Source code review helps assure secure application developers are following secure development techniques. Normally, any additional application vulnerabilities related to the developed code should not be discovered in a penetration test after the application has undergone a proper source code review.


In a source code review, human effort and technology support should be used in combination. Expertise is required to use the current application security tools effectively. Tools can be used to review source code, but they always need verification by people. People understand context, while tools do not. Large amounts of code can be scanned automatically by tools and possible issues discovered, but a person is needed to verify every single result to determine if it is a real issue, if it is actually exploitable, and calculate the risk to the company.


There are also significant blind spots where automated tools simply cannot check and human reviewers are also necessary.

VSEC Source Code Review Services

VSEC’s source code review services help uncover unexpected and hidden vulnerabilities and design flaws in source codes. We use a mix of scanning tools and manual review to detect insecure coding practices, injection flaws, cross site scripting flaws, backdoors, weak cryptography, insecure handling of external resources, etc.


VSEC understands how to exploit vulnerable applications, since we are penetration testers. From this unique position, we offer Source Code Review services from the perspective of how an attacker can take advantage of poorly written code.  We check at least the security of the source code in the following areas:

In addition, we analyze source code for vulnerabilities under the OWASP Top 10.

Source Code Review Process


In preparation for a source code review, it is necessary to conduct a thorough study of the application, and then create a comprehensive threat profile.


VSEC’s engineers study the code layout to develop a specific code review plan, and use a hybrid approach combining automated scans and custom manual review.


After analysis, the next step in the source code review process is to verify existing flaws and generate reports with recommended solutions.

Deeper Security Monitoring and Faster Threat Response?


Fast Delivery

Through code analysis, we easily detect flaws and avoid the need to send test data to the application or software since access to the entire code base of the application is available.

Thorough Analysis

We evaluate the entire code layout of the application including areas that would not be analyzed in an application security test such as entry points for different inputs, internal interfaces and integrations, data handling and validation logic, and the use of external API’s and frameworks.

Going Beyond Testing Limitations

VSEC uncovers vulnerabilities and detects attack surfaces missed out by automated code scans, using source code reviews. Through this process, we identify design flaws, detect weak algorithms, insecure configurations and insecure coding practices.


We produce source code review reports with an executive summary on strengths and weaknesses and detailed findings that include precise code based solutions and fixes.

We Provide Solutions

VSEC secures sensitive data storage and suggests precise solutions customized for your developers with code level suggestions with more exhaustive checks to find all instances of common vulnerabilities.


We help satisfy industry regulations and compliance standards, such as PCI DSS standards, etc.


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Our Competencies

1. Auto-Scanning System combined with a Risk Management Portal

Our advanced technology in management and detection of vulnerabilities and our partners’ security solutions are highly efficient and surely pay back your investments, as proved by the success stories of our 50+ existing customers.
Our scanning system and equipment sourced from the world’s leading security solution providers like Rapid7, Core Security, etc. are present in many datacenters, allowing us to perform daily security assessments for hundreds of customers across Vietnam and abroad.

2. Threat Database

VSEC has a database of security threats constantly updated, creating the power of our security threat assessment and management system. We update this database every 15 minutes with new security gaps and repair methods from hundreds of sources all over the world. Our technology ensures customers are always alerted of the latest security gaps that may have impacts on their systems.

3. Risk Alert and Management System

The Risk Management System provides risk inspection information and repair methods for network systems. The management system is built upon application servers with high load balancing capability; data management is hierarchized to ensure safety of system data. The system goes with a web interface, facilitating administrators’ work. Special functionalities maximize security support: assessment performance, risk assessment, creation of network device groups, trend monitoring, patch information, warning configuration, attribution of authority, reporting.

4. A Team of Experts

With a team of senior experts and engineers richly experienced in information security supervising automatic scanning, as well as manually assessing security gaps on your systems. Our team ensures detection and comprehensive consultancy on all your system security issues.With a team of senior experts and engineers richly experienced in information security supervising automatic scanning, as well as manually assessing security gaps on your systems. Our team ensures detection and comprehensive consultancy on all your system security issues.

5. Customer Support

Support by email and telephone is provided by a team well trained and internationally certified on information security.Support by email and telephone is provided by a team well trained and internationally certified on information security.

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