LAN Security Assessment

VSEC’s LAN Security Assessment Services include internal vulnerability analysis and penetration testing to make sure that user LANs are well secured, including end-user systems.
Internal vulnerability analysis and penetration testing of systems on the corporate LAN(s) are performed from behind firewalls to provide validation of layered-security and defense in depth.
LAN Security Assessment indicates vulnerabilities that affect large numbers of similar systems (e.g. desktops), and also highlights outlier systems that are exceptionally vulnerable.


A baseline of vulnerabilities and security risks is created after scanning

Best vulnerability harvesting tools, both open source and commercial, are used

False positives are eliminated and findings confirmed with manual validation

Additional vulnerabilities not found by scanning tools will be found with manual testing

Real severity is determined with penetration testing through custom-designed and pre-existing exploits

Severity of findings is classified

Recommendations on remediation are provided

Results are analyzed against industry benchmark

LAN Security Assessment Targets

LANs, desktops, workstations, laptops, printers, LAN devices, applications, services, ports, protocols from within firewall boundaries – unfiltered analysis:




LAN servers



Other LAN Devices

100,000+ known vulnerabilities, unique vulnerabilities from custom designs, configurations and software

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An Architectural View of LAN Security:

In-Band versus Out-of-Band Solutions

Policy Enforcement based on Identity

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