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The client is a large corporation that owns the largest green urban area project in the North; in addition, this business also invests in multi-sectors in fields such as education, health, clean agriculture, high technology, travel, entertainment, etc. Accompanying the multi-industry business items is a large operating system with more than 300 employees and a large-scale IT system.

Operating in the real estate industry with a lot of sensitive customer data that needs to be protected. Taking care to ensure the image of the business in the media. There is no staff dedicated to information security. Large number of servers. Diversified profession. Large number of workstations. Wide connection system. Regularly updating many new applications into the system.

Evaluating and reviewing the entire IT infrastructure and current applications. Deploying and monitoring all servers and endpoints of the enterprise. Warning and coordinating analysis to prevent information security threats. Initializing the account admin page to manage all the monitored components. Exporting periodic reports and overview of safety warning events.

VSEC SOC immediately detects a brute force attack coming from an internal endpoint that always scans and logs in to the server. Customers can improve the ability to manage and monitor the information security of the whole system, thereby reducing risks for the company. Minimizing investment in personnel costs for the IT security team while the whole system is still monitored 24/7. Reducing response time to incidents.

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