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The State Bank of Vietnam is an agency directly under the Government, in charge of currency-related work in Vietnam. The Information Technology Department of the State Bank of Vietnam is a unit in charge of directing and directly managing banks in Vietnam regarding IT activities in general and information security in particular.

The number of banks and financial institutions participating in the drill is more than 40 units, leading to a large number of systems that need to be prepared and ensure good operation during the program. Participating banks and financial institutions spread across the North and South, with both online and offline forms, making the organization and connection between the organizers and the test sites very complicated. The units’ overall capacity is large, and the participating people are all experts in information security, thus the drills’ material always requires significant investment in terms of substance while remaining realistic.

VSEC provides the security training service, the State Bank of Vietnam is the governing body and more than 40 banks and financial institutions operating in the Vietnamese market are the teams taking the test. Building a diverse set of rehearsal questions, close to reality and suitable to the capabilities of the teams. Creating a common exam system and providing virtual machines for each team to practice battle. During drills, multiple bridge points are created to connect and monitor the teams. Creating call centers and online support groups before, during, and after the test.

Helping equip knowledge of information safety from basic to advanced for specialized officers in charge of information safety. Helping officers in charge of information security be familiar with possible information security loss situations, and plans and solutions to be implemented to overcome information security incidents.

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