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Vietnam’s leading energy corporation, operating in key national sectors, ensuring energy security for Vietnam.

As a large corporation with many member units, there is a difference in qualifications in the field of information security between units. It is necessary to comply with the regulations of the State management agencies on ensuring information security for key systems. The test is built in accordance with the application’s information safety incident response process. Teams taking the test geographically spread.

VSEC provides information security drill service for all officers in charge of information safety at all affiliated units with a scale of more than 150 people. VSEC has organized 2 drills in 2021 with the level increasing gradually according to the qualifications of the participating staff. Researching and combining the regulations and policies of the state and the unit to build a set of exam questions suitable to the characteristics of the unit. Creating a common exam system and providing virtual machines for each team to practice. During drills, multiple bridge points are created to connect and monitor the teams. Creating call centers and online support groups before, during, and after the test.

Helping equip knowledge of information safety from basic to advanced for specialized officers in charge of information safety. Helping officers in charge of information security be familiar with possible information security loss situations, and plans and solutions to be implemented to overcome information security incidents.

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