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VSEC always focuses on training to improve knowledge and skills for our officers and employees. Many courses such as "Customer Experience Management," "VSEC Sales training," etc. are organized by VSEC with lecturers who are leading experts in Vietnam. For VSEC, we focus on people as a core factor for the development of the company, because the development of each employee is the foundation for the development of VSEC.

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Besides professional training programs, VSEC pays special attention to taking care of employees' mental life such as monthly birthday celebration programs or activities to celebrate Women's day, Christmas Day, etc. Those programs are also an opportunity for VSEC employees to express their love and gratitude to their colleagues.

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By awarding to individuals and departments with outstanding achievements during working at the company, VSEC always facilitates and encourages each individual and department to constantly develop, striving to bring good values to the business and the community.

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In 2021, VSEC established the club titled "Running for the community." Accordingly, every kilometer that club members run in a month will contribute 10,000 VND to the fund to help the disadvantaged in Vietnam sponsored by VSEC's leadership. The program not only encourages VSEC staff to exercise and exercise but also has great humanistic significance, developing the Vietnamese tradition of mutual affection.

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VSEC actively participates in the joint activities of G-GROUP. In 2021, VSEC was honored to win 3rd prize in the contest named "This is G-GROUP culture" with an extremely vibrant and meaningful rap and dance performance.

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Team Building is an opportunity for VSEC family members to open up and bond with each other. VSEC Team Building tradition is held twice a year with new and unique themes.

Always putting the human factor at the number 1 position and respecting employees is the key to the success of managers

(Thomas J.Watson Jr – former president of IBM Corporation)


At VSEC, we always focus on investing in human factors as the core factor for the sustainable development of the organization. We uphold honesty, self-discipline, continuous learning and respect for the differences of each individual.


VSEC always creates the best, most convenient and comfortable working conditions for each member of the company. We focus on creating a healthy and friendly office culture as well as a professional workspace with full utilities to optimize for work.


At VSEC, we are ready to give you the best remuneration, worthy of your capacity and contributions.



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