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An average web application has 22.4 vulnerabilities, while 98% have at least one risk Can your valuable applications stand a cyber attack? Even when security measures are in place, the answer is “NO” for many organizations. Do not worry, since VSEC’s application security assessment services can help you avoid hackers.

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Runtime security assessment

Our security assessment involves analysis and identification of security condition in terms of architectural weakness, coding practices and vulnerabilities of web applications in a runtime environment or under dynamic conditions. Our approach complies with industry standards like OWASP, SANS, ISECOM and CVE, along with VSEC’s in‑house techniques.

Quick threat modeling

Security may not often be a development team’s first priority. VSEC helps minimize overhead of the development process and makes the threat model compatible with fast-paced development processes like Agile, etc.

Mobile app security assessment

VSEC offers thorough mobile app security assessments to help your team deliver secure mobile apps faster and more efficiently. VSEC’s mobile security assessment delivers coverage across the complete mobile app environment, from the local app running on-device to the back-end web services and RESTful APIs that power mobile apps off-device. We also provide custom mobile security assessments catered to your company’s unique and industry-specific needs.

Security Advice and Risk Management

All aspects of your application’s development, framework and environment will be identified, and both the strengths and common pitfalls associated with your SDLC program accurately evaluated. Based on the results of your gap analysis, VSEC helps create a remediation plan for improving the security practices in your development life cycle. Our consulting team will continue to support and guide your security efforts in improving your SDLC program.

We will collect your business goals and drivers, assemble profiles of your existing applications, and draft a reusable set of custom application security requirements. These requirements serve as a baseline from which specific requirements, tailored to a specific application, may be derived.

From your application portfolio, we will derive a set of risk profiles and implement a repeatable risk profiling process for future applications. We will leverage data and asset classification, compliance drivers, and the current threat landscape to derive a prioritized list of high-risk applications. With a consistent and efficient risk leveling of your application inventory, you can know your current threatscape and have access reliable information on which to make business decisions.

VSEC’s remediation guidance can help reduce the average age of open vulnerabilities. We liaise with development teams post-assessment to establish and finalize a remediation policy that adheres to the organizational policy. While our consultants focus on addressing necessary security fixes, the development team may move on with other tasks simultaneously, keeping the project on track and on budget.

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